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As ARM complexity grows, businesses relying only on internal resources or outdated processes may not perform as optimally as possible.

Expertise & Analytical

Internal teams often lack the necessary expertise and analytical insight to best manage accounts receivables (particularly lower-performing recoveries), resulting in delayed payments and lower collection rates.

Capacity for Scalability & Flexibility

In-house teams may not effectively handle the ups and downs in accounts volume. During times of high receivables, the team could be overwhelmed, while during slower periods, its capacity is underutilized.

Outdated Tech, Automation
& Debtor Communication Tools

Without up-to-date accounting software, automation tools, technology, and customer communication solutions, internal teams can struggle to streamline accounts resolution processes.

Interpersonal Emotional Challenges

Internal teams often face interpersonal challenges when dealing with late payments or pursuing debt recovery, potentially affecting customer relationships and collection effectiveness.

If your business is experiencing any of these signs that your ARM function may not be performing optimally, we welcome the opportunity to assess and support your needs.

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Liquidity constraints

Nimble Group

Persistent debtor payment problems

Nimble Group

Increasing balances of long outstanding accounts

Nimble Group

Reduced internal operational capacity due to:

  • Increasing staffing costs while constantly needing more accounting staff

  • The challenge of keeping up with evolving analytics, tools and communications to implement productive strategies

Our expertise has helped diverse businesses to enhance their business performance through improved Accounts Receivables Management

We offer clear understanding of challenges and deliver practical solutions that enable businesses to thrive

Nimble is dedicated to identifying unseen problems and delivering solutions that foster long-term business sustainability and growth.

We transform ARM from a cost to a profit centre, through our tailored application of critical analysis, process streamlining, forward-focused systems, and in-house team support.

Actual results achieved by outsourcing ARM to Nimble:

Our Client: A leading African connectivity, digital and financial services company.
Industry: ICT business

Nimble Group

After appointing Nimble, collections improved by 12% in Yr1 and a further 32% on Yr1 in Yr2.

Nimble Group

After appointing Nimble, costs were reduced by 20% in Yr1 and a further 18% in Yr2.

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Nimble also removed the negative impact of potential retrenchment by managing Section 198 (Labour Relations Act) transfers of staff.

Our value-adding process

Tailored business support solutions, managed by credit management experts, can enable your business to more cost-effectively realize a higher and more immediate return on your Debtors Book.

Our collaborative approach leads to better insight, business outcomes and customer satisfaction.

For Our Clients

Nimble offers management valuable insights into credit management issues that may be impeding the quick resolution of accounts throughout your value chain. Insights are derived through collaborative involvement and in-depth analysis, covering areas such as:

Nimble Group

Billing complexity and Client contract/pricing challenges.

Nimble Group

Account risk management.

Nimble Group

Causes and volumes of credit note generation.

Nimble Group

Swift and efficient resolution of specific debtor issues, including service complaints and delivery problems.

Nimble Group

Compliance with provisioning and impairment standards such as IFRS 9.

For Our Clients’ Customers

Nimble integrates into Client teams acting as a full representative of the brand – known as “white-labelling”, ensuring that your Customers perceive the relationship to remain unchanged. All communication, including emails and accounting documents like statements, invoices and credit notes feature Clients’ branding. This means that Nimble maintains a positive relationship with Customers on your behalf.

Accountability is furthermore assured through various measures:

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All calls are recorded for quality assurance purposes.

Nimble Group

Regular quality assessments and scoring are conducted to maintain service excellence.

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Customer query resolutions are diligently diarized and tracked, ensuring prompt and effective responses.

Personalized Approach

Nimble tailors our approach to individual Clients, addressing your unique needs and preferences.

Reduced Stress for Staff

Delegating ARM tasks allows your in-house staff to focus on core responsibilities, reducing workload and stress.

Professional Credit Management

Our delicate handling of accounts resolution maintains a respectful and fair approach towards Customers.

Enhanced Communication

We help ensure clear and effective communication with Customers, fostering positive relationships.

Enhanced Team Collaboration

Collaborating with Nimble fosters a culture of learning and growth within the organization.

Data Security and Compliance

Ensuring data security and adherence to industry regulations, provides reassurance to both Clients and Customers.

Improved Customer Experience

Nimble can help handle Customer queries and concerns more promptly, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty.

Why consider Nimble Business Support Services


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Our experienced team possesses extensive knowledge of credit and debtor markets across various industries.

Nimble Group

We have a proven track record of effective debt management solutions within the African context.

Capacity & Capability

Nimble Group

Gain access to scalable teams, delivering immediate acceleration in your collections.

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We make sure the essential foundations of debtor management are in place and provide necessary upskilling for current internal staff.

Deep Analytics

Nimble Group

Detailed analysis enables proactive debtor risk management, identifies business performance issues, and optimizes cash flow.

Nimble Group

Our data-driven analytics drive continuous strategy improvements for consistently better outcomes.


Nimble Group

Experience significant enhancements in recoveries by access to specialized systems and responsive strategies.

Nimble Group

Transform debtor management with our proprietary Norman PI Debtor Management system, that enables optimized resource allocation and prioritized workflow.


Nimble Group

Nimble's rigorous governance principles guarantee consistent compliance with evolving credit regulations and accounting frameworks such as IFRS9.

Nimble Group

As the IFC's preferred partner in Africa, Nimble upholds the highest standards of governance, ensuring thoroughness across all operational structures.

Some of the Clients we have assisted

Case studies

From cost-centre to profit centre: How Nimble Business Support Solutions successfully transformed the Debtors Department of a large-scale business.

Safeguarding investor confidence through Improved debtors book oversight and collections optimization.

How Nimble Business Support Services transformed complex accounts receivables challenges into a system that delivers optimal account resolution.

How Nimble Business Support Services resolved a complex debtors book and R31 million in outstanding debt – in just 24 months.

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“If we can’t improve performance at a better value, we have no business being in your business”

Russell Milella
Head of Business Support Services
Contact no: 057 492 0886

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St Agnes Primary School

St Agnes is a public school situated in Woodstock, Cape Town.

Nimble Group actively supports St Agnes Primary School through the Partners for Possibility programme. We dedicate resources to a variety of initiatives aimed at creating an enhanced learning and recreational space, enriched student experience, and optimized day-to-day running of school operations.

Computer room upgrade Our dedicated team of IT technicians has upgraded the school’s IT hardware and software, creating a more user-friendly and modern environment for students and teachers using the computer room daily.

Playground painting and revitalization
Our enthusiastic volunteers devoted their time to painting vibrant murals and interactive games on the walls and paved areas of the playground.

Enriched student experience
Nimble strives to continuously improve the student experience by celebrating academic excellence, sponsoring prize-giving events, and more.

Day-to-day operational support
We also contribute to the school’s operational efficiency by offering administrative support and providing access to Nimble’s HR and Finance functions.

Peak Child

Nimble Group has taken the initiative to establish an Early Childhood Development Centre, which began operating in January 2019 in Woodstock, Cape Town. The centre operates under the guidance of Peak child, and while accessible to the public, primarily serves as a subsidized preschool for the children of Nimble staff.

Peak Child aims to equip children with the best possible foundation for life by providing affordable, high-quality preschools in close proximity to workplaces, catering to the needs of emerging middle-class parents. Since its inception, Peak Child has focused on collaborating with socially responsible employers to support their staff beyond conventional employee benefits.

Peak Child offers comprehensive programmes for children aged 3 months to 5 years. Through partnerships with prominent educational experts and local primary schools they ensure that children transitioning from Peak Child are socially, academically, and physically prepared for admission to any of Cape Town’s leading primary schools. Peak Child currently operates three schools, including Peak Child Nimble.

Nimble has made a significant investment in this project, with plans to replicate this model close to its Johannesburg offices.

Altius et Latius Trust

The Altius Et Latius Trust is a school education initiative aimed at providing bursaries to historically disadvantaged students, enabling their attendance at top schools in Cape Town.

The primary goal of the trust is to promote equitable access to high-quality public education, fostering lasting transformation. Their objective is to support fifty talented learners in gaining admission to high-performing schools.

Nimble Group continually makes a substantial impact on this crucial initiative by providing essential resources for additional student support, such as tutoring, funding for school events or excursions, sporting equipment and more.