Drive business performance and reduce customer stress by leveraging the potential of
debt sale

We provide an opportunity to immediately strengthen your business and customers’ position through debt sale.

Nimble - Debt Acquisition

Accelerate Your

We know that maintaining an ideal cashflow is critical for business sustainability and expansion, and to ensure job stability in tough conditions. We offer an expedient cash injection solution by purchasing under-performing debt at Net Present Value.

Reduce Your Time & Cost of Recoveries

Managing late-stage or non-performing portfolios is costly, due to the time and expense of handling internal departments, external debt collectors, and attorneys. Debt disposal frees you up to focus on more productive early-stage collections.

Relief For Customers In Financial Difficulty

Nimble prioritizes fair assistance for customers once we’ve purchased a debt portfolio. We are committed to help people settle their account in the most manageable way for them, and to maintain a positive credit history.

Nimble Debt Acquisition is one of
Sub-Saharan Africa’s leading buyers of debt

R2.5+ billion

deployed in transactions & solutions



3.2 million

open accounts

R50 billion

debt purchased

We have diverse industry experience

Banking Sector

Including unsecured & secured debt
Debt Purchased:
No. of Accounts:
R26+ billion
550 000+

Services Accounts

Debt Purchased:
No. of Accounts:
R5+ billion
900 000+

Retail Credit Accounts

Debt Purchased:
No. of Accounts:
R19+ billion
1.9+ million

We offer sustainable debt acquisition solutions across multiple countries


How Nimble Debt Acquisition contributed to the successful Business Rescue of a clothing retail giant – saving jobs and helping its customers manage their financial position.

How we support people to successfully resolve their accounts

At Nimble, we understand that many South Africans are facing financial difficulties which can have significant impact on their well-being and their families.

That's why we carefully assess each person's situation and work out realistic terms that are suitable for them. When needed, we also utilize different debt-forgiveness methods to help relieve financial stress.

These are some of the ways that we offer debt relief:

Nimble Group

Waiving of interest

Nimble Group

Offering high discounts

Nimble Group

Negotiating the most affordable payment terms

Nimble Group

Limiting late-payment fees charged

Nimble Group

Allowing payment deferrals for unemployed debtors

Since 2018, Nimble has granted more than 2,5 million debtors debt forgiveness of R20 billion, also saving debtors up to R1,2 billion in interest savings.

Why Nimble Debt Acquisition

Nimble is well-resourced and experienced to efficiently handle portfolio disposals, and is sincerely committed to ensure positive financial outcomes for the account holders under our management.

Capital Strength

We have the financial strength of Nimble Group, influential backing of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), and relationships with top-tier banks, to provide advantageous deals.

Credit Management

Our extensive credit management expertise ensures that the process of portfolio valuation, client interaction, negotiation, and sales finalization is executed with the utmost speed, efficiency, and effectiveness benefitting sellers.

Responsible Debtor Management

We understand the importance of your customer relationships and business reputation. With our commitment to integrity and responsible debtor treatment, you can trust that your customers will be treated with the highest respect and fairness when you sell your portfolio.

What you may want to know about the debt sale process

Nimble Debt Acquisition delivers a simple, quick and efficient process, that’s easy to understand at every stage of the disposal transaction.

The typical debt sale process

How debt sales pricing is determined

Nimble Group

Pricing varies depending on the type of debt (secured vs unsecured), its age and whether it is cash generative.

Nimble Group

Pricing debt portfolios appropriately requires constructive and open engagement especially when transacting for the first time.

Nimble Group

The historic collection yield in the most recent 36 month period is often indicative of its future value.

Nimble Group

Discounted cash flow methodology is typically used to price NPL’s.

Debt sales range across the collections lifecycle from early-stage to post-write-off and includes unsecured and secured portfolios.

The value of each portfolio is informed by a number of key considerations, that together determine the final pricing.

The most salient considerations are:

Nimble Group

Recent payment behaviour

Nimble Group

Bureau profiles

Nimble Group

Security realised/attached

We also have the ability to effectively address some of the challenges that may arise during the debt disposal process

Issues to watch out for

Nimble Group

Legal and regulatory compliance issues
Selling debt and debt collection are subject to various laws and regulations, and must be done in compliance with these rules.

Nimble Group

Disputes and complaints
Debtors may dispute the validity or accuracy of the debts being collected.

Nimble Group

Reputation and public relations
Selling debt portfolios to aggressive or unethical debt collectors can damage the reputation of the original creditor or company involved in the transaction.

Nimble Group

Data security and privacy risks
Debt portfolios contain sensitive personal and financial information about individuals.

How we assist

Nimble Group

Nimble is registered with a number of regulatory bodies including the National Credit Regulator and Council for Debt Collectors. Having concluded a large number of transactions across Sub-Saharan Africa, we can advise new sellers of the legal requirements and type of debt that can be sold.

Nimble Group

Disputes and complaints are addressed through a dedicated team and pro-active use of our voice recognition software. We build strong working relationships with sellers to ensure all queries are dealt with accurately and completely.

Nimble Group

We ensure that all laws and regulations are adhered to through rigorous training of staff as well as in-depth monitoring of our processes and interactions with debtors. We use voice-recognition software to record and review all calls ensuring customers are treated fairly.

Nimble Group

Nimble employs encryption, firewalls, secure storage systems and access controls to safeguard sensitive data. Our security measures are regularly updated to stay ahead of emerging threats and to comply with applicable data protection regulations.

Connect with us about your debt sales needs

“Our goal is to help turn financial challenges into growth, by easing business burdens, expediting cashflow, and enabling debtors to regain financial stability and peace of mind.”

Abe Pieterse
Head of Investments: Acquired Debt
Contact no: 021 003 0226

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St Agnes Primary School

St Agnes is a public school situated in Woodstock, Cape Town.

Nimble Group actively supports St Agnes Primary School through the Partners for Possibility programme. We dedicate resources to a variety of initiatives aimed at creating an enhanced learning and recreational space, enriched student experience, and optimized day-to-day running of school operations.

Computer room upgrade Our dedicated team of IT technicians has upgraded the school’s IT hardware and software, creating a more user-friendly and modern environment for students and teachers using the computer room daily.

Playground painting and revitalization
Our enthusiastic volunteers devoted their time to painting vibrant murals and interactive games on the walls and paved areas of the playground.

Enriched student experience
Nimble strives to continuously improve the student experience by celebrating academic excellence, sponsoring prize-giving events, and more.

Day-to-day operational support
We also contribute to the school’s operational efficiency by offering administrative support and providing access to Nimble’s HR and Finance functions.

Peak Child

Nimble Group has taken the initiative to establish an Early Childhood Development Centre, which began operating in January 2019 in Woodstock, Cape Town. The centre operates under the guidance of Peak child, and while accessible to the public, primarily serves as a subsidized preschool for the children of Nimble staff.

Peak Child aims to equip children with the best possible foundation for life by providing affordable, high-quality preschools in close proximity to workplaces, catering to the needs of emerging middle-class parents. Since its inception, Peak Child has focused on collaborating with socially responsible employers to support their staff beyond conventional employee benefits.

Peak Child offers comprehensive programmes for children aged 3 months to 5 years. Through partnerships with prominent educational experts and local primary schools they ensure that children transitioning from Peak Child are socially, academically, and physically prepared for admission to any of Cape Town’s leading primary schools. Peak Child currently operates three schools, including Peak Child Nimble.

Nimble has made a significant investment in this project, with plans to replicate this model close to its Johannesburg offices.

Altius et Latius Trust

The Altius Et Latius Trust is a school education initiative aimed at providing bursaries to historically disadvantaged students, enabling their attendance at top schools in Cape Town.

The primary goal of the trust is to promote equitable access to high-quality public education, fostering lasting transformation. Their objective is to support fifty talented learners in gaining admission to high-performing schools.

Nimble Group continually makes a substantial impact on this crucial initiative by providing essential resources for additional student support, such as tutoring, funding for school events or excursions, sporting equipment and more.