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Nimble scoops “Top Innovation” award

October 5, 2023

Today, the business arena is unpredictable. Disruptive technologies such as speech analytics, mobile computing and adaptive learning systems are overturning the traditional business methods and practices, making old ways of working redundant and forcing companies to transform. Companies need to recognize the potential of disruptive technology in their own operations and move fast when the time is right.

The national BPESA Technical Innovation award recognises the successful deployment of new technology over the past 24 months. The award is not exclusively for the technology itself, but a combination of how the technology has been considered and implemented into the organisation in order to solve an identified challenge. The company has to provide evidence that the solution has enhanced service and
business performance.

Nimble submitted three of the booming disruptive technologies that we are fully committed to, to showcase how we are combining progressive business processes with innovative technology in order to achieve improved compliance, collections efficiency, an enhanced customer experience and a better recovery result.

Nexidia speech analytics converts unstructured phone conversations from the call centre into structured data which can be analysed for insights. These insights and opportunities are used to boost agent performance, ensure compliance, mitigate risk, improve productivity and enhance the customer’s experience. New trends and insights are quickly discovered and bad practices are easily eliminated.

Recognising that contact centres need state of the art technology to audit 100% of their voice recordings to keep on top of agent performance and customer satisfaction, Nimble was one of the first South African companies to use Nexidia’s world leading speech analytics software.

While the ability to extract value from unstructured voice data has become as invaluable tool for Nimble it is not a ‘silver bullet’. Nimble has had to devise innovative ways to change the emphasis from measuring compliance to actively using insights to pinpoint areas of weakness and deliver better coaching.

At the recent annual award ceremony the BPESA Technical Innovation award was presented to Nimble for its implementation of Nexidia speech analytics. We are delighted to receive this prestigious award which recognises Nimble’s technological advancements using human intelligence, experience and understanding to drive innovative and collaborative change in the debt collection industry.

Written by Swati Safeda, Chief Digital Officer

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St Agnes Primary School

St Agnes is a public school situated in Woodstock, Cape Town.

Nimble Group actively supports St Agnes Primary School through the Partners for Possibility programme. We dedicate resources to a variety of initiatives aimed at creating an enhanced learning and recreational space, enriched student experience, and optimized day-to-day running of school operations.

Computer room upgrade Our dedicated team of IT technicians has upgraded the school’s IT hardware and software, creating a more user-friendly and modern environment for students and teachers using the computer room daily.

Playground painting and revitalization
Our enthusiastic volunteers devoted their time to painting vibrant murals and interactive games on the walls and paved areas of the playground.

Enriched student experience
Nimble strives to continuously improve the student experience by celebrating academic excellence, sponsoring prize-giving events, and more.

Day-to-day operational support
We also contribute to the school’s operational efficiency by offering administrative support and providing access to Nimble’s HR and Finance functions.

Peak Child

Nimble Group has taken the initiative to establish an Early Childhood Development Centre, which began operating in January 2019 in Woodstock, Cape Town. The centre operates under the guidance of Peak child, and while accessible to the public, primarily serves as a subsidized preschool for the children of Nimble staff.

Peak Child aims to equip children with the best possible foundation for life by providing affordable, high-quality preschools in close proximity to workplaces, catering to the needs of emerging middle-class parents. Since its inception, Peak Child has focused on collaborating with socially responsible employers to support their staff beyond conventional employee benefits.

Peak Child offers comprehensive programmes for children aged 3 months to 5 years. Through partnerships with prominent educational experts and local primary schools they ensure that children transitioning from Peak Child are socially, academically, and physically prepared for admission to any of Cape Town’s leading primary schools. Peak Child currently operates three schools, including Peak Child Nimble.

Nimble has made a significant investment in this project, with plans to replicate this model close to its Johannesburg offices.

Altius et Latius Trust

The Altius Et Latius Trust is a school education initiative aimed at providing bursaries to historically disadvantaged students, enabling their attendance at top schools in Cape Town.

The primary goal of the trust is to promote equitable access to high-quality public education, fostering lasting transformation. Their objective is to support fifty talented learners in gaining admission to high-performing schools.

Nimble Group continually makes a substantial impact on this crucial initiative by providing essential resources for additional student support, such as tutoring, funding for school events or excursions, sporting equipment and more.